OTB Ep 53 Gecko Halloween

Izzy and Scott chat about life, the process of buying a Gecko named Rocky and our Halloween experiences. Please go rate review and subscribe.

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Nightbeast- Waiting To Die

OTB Ep 52 Cat On a Hot Tin Roof

Scott and Izzy chat about recent events we’ve attended, such as the Nightbeast, Duderus, Andy D and Dipspit show at Canal Public House. Then we chat about the play Scott was involved in called, Cat In a Hot Tin Roof. From my perspective as a spectator and Scott’s perspective as an actor. My voice was rough at the beginning. Throat got real dry. Sorry. We finish with what we would do if we had lots of money, Poltergeist and would you stay in a home that a family was murdered in.

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Nightbeast– King of Party Castle