On The Block Ep 34 Krampus w/ Anthony “Tank” Mansfield aka @tankofalltrades

Joining the Block is Anthony “Tank” Mansfield to tell us about Krampus, an arts market & music festival at Mainstay Rock Bar in Cincy, Ohio on Saturday Nov. 30, 2013 @ 8pm.

Black Signal, Smoke Signals and Sulla will be performing live. Google search Krampus, Ghost Empire Collective for more info.

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QOTSA- Vampyre of Time and Memory

On The Block Ep 33 On The Road Again w/ @TheIzzyRock @TheScottEpic

Izzy and Scott venture forth on I-70 on our way to and fro from the H.o.T. Comedy showto record episode 33 of OTB. The discussion is vast and wide and you’ll feel like you’re chilling in the back seat as we wax philisophical.

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The Steeldrivers- If It Hadn’t Been For Love
Red Hot Rebellion- melt The Sky



On The Block Ep 32 @TheIzzyRock @TheScottEpic

Scott and Izzy meet up at Epic Studios for an Epic conversation, Fun was had, lessons were learned, and good beer was consumed. Life is tough, but you gotta keep fighting. Join us in the conversation

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Nightbeast- Paid and Rowdy