On The Block EP 27 w/ @TheIzzyRock and @TheScottEpic

On this episode of On The Block, @TheScottEpic and @TheIzzyRock talk about stuff! Seriously, we go from lawn care to theatre. Enjoy!

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Musical credit: Everclear performing Strawberry

On The Block EP 26 w @TheIzzyRock and @TheScottEpic

On this episode of On The Block we “shoot the shit.” And shit gets real!

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Musical credit: The Five Stairsteps performing O-o-h Child


On The Block Ep 25 @TheScottEpic’s birthday and @deathsquadohio party

In what could possibly be our most chaotic episode to date, episode 25 finds Scott & Izzy going mobile to Eric Ruiz’s, of the @gemcitypodcast and find ourselves joined by @asator83 @higherbassist @cleverwes @chazworm @thedereknelson @gemcitypodcast @TheIzzyRock & @TheScottEpic. This was recorded at a preparty for Bert Kreischer at the Dayton Funnybone.

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More Punkier Than Thou

On The Block EP 24 w/ @Rhenda

On this episode, we chat with Rhenda Snyder from The Dayton Funny Bone about this weekends Bert Kreischer show, life in the funny buisness, and the surprising work being done through the comedy club for the betterment of our community. 

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Musical credit: Hunger Strike performed by Temple of the Dog