On The Block EP 21 w @beFREEdayton and @SOAPdayton

Human trafficking is everywhere, even in our own backyard. Worldwide, human trafficking is a $32billion a year industry. On this episode we chat with @LizzieVanDine from @beFREEdayton and @theekaytea from @SOAPdayton about their organizations roles in stemming the effects of human trafficing locally and get some shocking statistics. Follow us on Twitter @OTBPod, @TheScottEpic, @TheIzzyRock, @LizzieVanDine, @beFREEdayton, @theekaytea, @SOAPdayton. Find us also on The Inspired Disorder Collective at http://inspireddisordercollective.com/ and on the Mediocre Radio Network at http://www.mediocreradionetwork.com/. Musical credit: “Baby Don’t Cry” performed by 2Pac and The Outlawz . 

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