On The Block Episode 0012 Sideshow of Drunkenness @myway8669 @no_susquahenna

Izzy & Scott leave the confines of Epic Studios and ventured into Downtown Dayton for Sideshow 8 at the Old Dayton Yellow Cab building.  What they found was a beautiful community of artists & musicians, in what Scott Epic called a “Bohemian Paradise”.

Sideshow describes itself as “Little did we know in 2006 that the Sideshow would become a Dayton fixture.  It started with a simple idea to throw an Art Show that was free for community.  Soon that first event evolved into a variety of artists working together to build an event bigger and more magnificent than any of them could build on their own.  Those two themes still guide Sideshow today.

What you can expect to see at Sideshow – Anything and Everything!  Each year is different – new artists exhibiting for the first time, established artists debuting new work, live music, peformance, and some things we can’t even predict.  It’s a two day celebration of the art of Dayton!

Even better, if you are an artist, musician, or just a lover of the arts – you can participate!  The Sideshow event is run by volunteers and created by the artists and musicians who chose to exhibit their work.  We encourage anyone to apply!

Scott, Eric, @gemcitypodcast and @TheIzzyRock decided to volunteer for the event.  Scott and Izzy went on Friday, May 10th.  The vibe they got as soon as you walked into the building was one of community.  There was no fighting and no cuntiness.  Saturday we brought #deathsquadohio out with Izzy and Scott’s wives as well as @no_susquahenna @garylavato @jSunDub was visiting from Orlando @myway8669 came in from Richmond, Indiana with her mom and sister @dreamseaker2013.

A great time was had by all.  Thank you to Erin, Todd & all the people who had a part in Sideshow 8.  It was amazing.

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Todd the Fox – Leslie County Stomp
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