OTB Ep 42 Epic Fitness

Scott and Izzy chat about the Mediocre Show, the Earbuds documentary, Epic Fitness, Southwork and just life mofo.

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Southwork- Take A Breath

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OTB Ep 41 Moonshine Fun in the Cosmodome

We’re back for another episode of On The Block with your fearless hosts Izzy Rock and Scott Epic. Coming straight from the new Cosmosdome Studios, we chat about what’s been up…sideshow 9…a trip to Tennessee…epic fitness and we do it in a half hour. Hell yes.

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On the Block Ep 40 Sexy Russian Minecraft Personal Trainers on acid

Episode 40 of On The Block features Scott and Izzy chatting about the Russian/Ukraine situation, Minecraft and finding hidden caves under castles, becoming a personal trainer and biting off more than you can chew when starting new ventures. The title meant nothing but was a catchy way to get you to listen.

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On The Block Ep 39 Dadlife, Xbox and Friendly Reminder

Devin joins Scott and Izzy to chat about Fatherhood, Xbox, food and end with Tino’s Friendly Reminder Ep.

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On The Block Ep 38 @TheScottEpic @TheIzzyRock @GaryLovato

Gary Lovato joins Scott and Izzy for another episode of On The Block. In this one we discuss what our favorite desert island albums are, chat about super bowls and the cool things involved with the game, specifically…food. We go on some rants, have a nice discussion and try to continue to get through this brutal winter.

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I edited some cool songs in, hope you enjoyed it. I ended the podcast with the White Soots- Beyond The Horizen which Joe Rogan RT when I sent him this song one day/night at work. Take care fuckers and seriously if you’re reading this, how about a review? It’d make our day when we read it.

OTB 37 Stoned Dolphins w/ @GaryLovato

Scott, Izzy and guest Gary Lovato gather before the Tino/Sidekick Complex show to chat about an update on our lives, stoned dolphins, Denver changing the mile marker 420 in Denver on I-70 to 419.9, changing of the cannabis laws among other things.

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Tino ft Obelo- Anger & Agression
Bryant C Project- Truth/Hey Joe live
Tino- the OHIOAN

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On The Block Ep 36 Flying Dog Crashes The Podcast

Our last podcast of 2013, enhanced by the mystic brew that is Flying Dog Double Dog Souble IPA, all 11.5% of it. We talked about a lot of stuff, Devin returned and we caught up.

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Southwork- Take A Breath

On The Block Ep 35 Ticklefight

Izzy and Scott gather in Epic studios before the winter storm of the season, our neighbor Devin joins us and we catch up about life in Ohio.

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Cage The Elephant- No Rest For The Wicked

On The Block Ep 34 Krampus w/ Anthony “Tank” Mansfield aka @tankofalltrades

Joining the Block is Anthony “Tank” Mansfield to tell us about Krampus, an arts market & music festival at Mainstay Rock Bar in Cincy, Ohio on Saturday Nov. 30, 2013 @ 8pm.

Black Signal, Smoke Signals and Sulla will be performing live. Google search Krampus, Ghost Empire Collective for more info.

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QOTSA- Vampyre of Time and Memory

On The Block Ep 33 On The Road Again w/ @TheIzzyRock @TheScottEpic

Izzy and Scott venture forth on I-70 on our way to and fro from the H.o.T. Comedy showto record episode 33 of OTB. The discussion is vast and wide and you’ll feel like you’re chilling in the back seat as we wax philisophical.

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The Steeldrivers- If It Hadn’t Been For Love
Red Hot Rebellion- melt The Sky



On The Block Ep 32 @TheIzzyRock @TheScottEpic

Scott and Izzy meet up at Epic Studios for an Epic conversation, Fun was had, lessons were learned, and good beer was consumed. Life is tough, but you gotta keep fighting. Join us in the conversation

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Nightbeast- Paid and Rowdy

On The Block Ep 31 On Location w/ @GaryLovato @TheIzzyRock @TheScottEpic

In this podcast, Scott & Izzy are on location at Wings in Vandalia, Ohio with former guest Gary Lovato. We talk about a lot of shit.

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Clutch- Minotaur

On The Block EP 30 w/ @TheScottEpic and @TheIzzyRock

Chatting it up on a Sunday! St. Jude, Haunted Cave, and fitness. Follow us on Twitter: @ThyeIzzyRock, @TheScottEpic, @OTBPod

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Musical Credits: Dave Matthews and Tim Rynolds- One Sweet World

On The Block EP 29 w/ @Tankofalltrades

One of our favorite guests, Mr. Anthony “Tank” Mansfield (a.k.a. @Tankofalltrades), stops by! We talk fall, football, Comicon, art, music, video games, beer, and the upcoming Krampus Arts Market & Music Festival!

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Music credit: Rancid- Timebomb

On The Block Ep 28 Familycast

This podcast was recorded on Labor Day weekend. We were joined by Scotts Brother & Wife as well as Izzy’s Wife. The topics range from not serious to serious. Please join us, won’t you.

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Bouncing Souls- Private Radio