OTB Ep 57 Screw your election, I’m going hunting.

Scott Epic and Izzy Rock venture into some things never discussed on the podcast before. Highlights include, Scott wants to become a hunter, Izzy isn’t sure. Fuck Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland for doing some shady shit as well as many other cool topics. Thanks for listening everyone, will you please go rate, review and subscribe to the show.

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The Loveless- Scarewaves

OTB Ep 56 Psychedelic Experiences

Scott Epic and Izzy Rock catch up with life and discuss psychedelic experiences.

Buffalo Killers- Weird One

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OTB Ep 54 Batman Basketball is cold as ice

Scott and Izzy chill out in front of Scotts house on this Fall October day. We chat about the comings and goings of everyday life. Batman, batsketball and who knows what else. Give it a listen, tell your friends about it and rate review and subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher.

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Buffalo Killers- Marshmellow Man

OTB Ep 53 Gecko Halloween

Izzy and Scott chat about life, the process of buying a Gecko named Rocky and our Halloween experiences. Please go rate review and subscribe.

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Nightbeast- Waiting To Die

OTB Ep 52 Cat On a Hot Tin Roof

Scott and Izzy chat about recent events we’ve attended, such as the Nightbeast, Duderus, Andy D and Dipspit show at Canal Public House. Then we chat about the play Scott was involved in called, Cat In a Hot Tin Roof. From my perspective as a spectator and Scott’s perspective as an actor. My voice was rough at the beginning. Throat got real dry. Sorry. We finish with what we would do if we had lots of money, Poltergeist and would you stay in a home that a family was murdered in.

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Nightbeast– King of Party Castle

OTB Ep 51 I figured you were Jerkin’ Off or somethin’

Scott and Izzy drop knowledge in this episode. We talk about creation, theater, Scott’s performance in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, stand up comedy, Fargo the series, the “Bus Fiasco”, the first day of school, being a teacher and my wife ends the episode with an amazing quote. Give it a listen and please go rate, review and subscribe to iTunes and Stitcher if you could. Please go to epiclifefitness.com and follow Scott Epic on social media @TheScottEpic

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HipHopTino feat Paige Beller- “I may be no one”

OTB Ep 50 Perspective

Episode 50 finds Scott and Izzy back and they’ve made it to half a century. We dig deep on various topics and end with John Moreland- “Gods Medicine”

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OTB Ep 48 Achilles Tenderloin

Scott and Izzy record an episode of Gem City Podcast with Joe Augustin of Achilles Tenderloin. We record at the Big Dawg On My Trail: Grassroots Blues Brews and Arts Festival. We discuss the festival and chat with Joe.

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OTB Ep 47 Pre Bert Kreischer at the Dayton Funnybone, w/ @TheNeedlesM @myway8669

Scott and Izzy pull out the mics while waiting for our friends from Deathsquad Ohio to arrive for the Bert Kreischer show. Bert later asked why didn’t we let him know, he would have joined us. Oh well.

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OTB Ep 46 Oregon District Pub Crawl pt 2

This episode features part 2 to the pub crawl Scott Epic and Izzy Rock participated in during late May 2014. This podcast takes place at the Dublin Pub and I’m not sure exactly what we chatted about, you’ll have to listen. Love ya bitches.

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The Motel Beds- Is This Thing On?

OTB Ep 45 Oregon District Pub Crawl pt 1

Izzy Rock and Scott Epic venture from the suburbs to the Oregon District in Dayton, Ohio for a pub crawl. But this pub crawl was recorded in podcast form at each spot.

First up was Oregon Express, then onto Hole In The Wall Dayton,  and finally we made our way to Toxic Brew  for this episode.

Join us for our exploits please

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OTB Ep 44 Moving Forward and Dropping Knowledge

I’m not sure what Scott and I talked about in this episode, but I’m sure it was philisophical. Scott is a bad ass dude. You should check out his podcast, 1 minute 2 fit  as well as my podcast Tales from The Hardside and we recently hosted some live podcasts on the Gem City Podcast.

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Dip Spit- Hulk Hogan Sex Tape

OTB Ep 43 Deep Thoughts from Ohio

Scott and Izzy are back for episode 43. Please join us as we solve the problems of the world, not really. We just like to bullshit.

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Rise Against- Survivors Guilt and Survive