OTB Ep 72 Religious Beginnings – Kim Davis

Scott and Izzy record at Epic Studios as we chat about Kim Davis, Gay Marriage, Christianity, and our religious beginnings as friends.


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OTB Ep 71 Talking First Girlfriends @LadyfestDayton 2015

Izzy and Scott are on location at Ladyfest Dayton at Old Yellow Cab and they discuss first girlfriends, among other topics. Recorded Friday August 28, 2015.

700 E 4th St. Dayton, Ohio 45402



OTB Ep 70 Have you ever overdone it…alledgedly? – On Location at @MVMFest 2015

Izzy Rock and Scott Epic discuss overdoing it on substances, alledgedly. This was recorded on location at the Miami Valley Music Fest 2015 as part of the Gem City Podcast.


OTB Ep 68 Can’t Feel My Face

What happens when two guys get together and chat about things and stuff for 35 minutes? You get this podcast. Ignore the title, it means nothing. I mess with the name in order to see how many different uploads we get from naming these podcasts after the iTunes top 50. In fact, I don’t remember shit from this episode. Let us know what you think.

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OTB Ep 66 Bizarro On The Block Pod

Scott Epic and Izzy Rock discuss the goings on in their neighborhood in the burbs north of Dayton, Ohio. Sometimes life lessons are learned, beer is often consumed and celebrated for it’s hoppy goodness, and two friends share with the internet the important issues in these two podcasters life.


OTB Ep 63 Play it Cool

After missing the March 15th release, Scott Epic and Izzy Rock drop an episode on Easter 2015 for no reason other than it’s toime to release a new episode. At the time that I type this I have no idea what we discussed.

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David Crowder Band- What a glorious day.

Happy Easter

OTB Ep 62 Most Embarrassing Moment

Scott and Izzy are joined by Scott’s childhood friend Nate. We discuss many different topics including our most embarrassing moments. Thank you for checking out the podcast.

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Mack McKenzie- One Hell Of A Night

OTB Ep 61 Colder Than a Witches Boob

Recorded on Valentines Day after a night out for dinner at Sake, Scott and Izzy are joined by Scotts childhood friend, Nate. Good times were had.

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Ken’s Motorbike- Baby Blues

OTB Ep 60 Finding Lost Family

Hello everyone, if you’re reading this you are awesome and I love you because honestly I hate typing these when I release podcasts. Here goes, Scott and Izzy are a bit intoxicated during this one as they recap the last half of January 2015. We discuss Scott not having headphones, I give a brief update on the Deathsquad meet up for Joey Diaz…subscribe to Tales From the Hardside when the next Ohiocast gets released to hear the latest Ohiocast. Scott tells a tale of finding his missing Aunt and we discuss tradition and our experience at the Melting Pot. This podcast was recorded late at night while we were drinking adult beverages, Scott had some great IPA’s, I was enjoying whiskey and Red Bull Lime. Pardon the stammering, multiple uses of the word “like”, and the slurring that happens when intoxication sets in.

I end this bitch with a track from Hazardous and Chief 4syt with the track “Drunk n Disorderly”

OTB Ep 59 We Are The Champions

This podcast was recorded during the 2014 National Championship game on Monday January 12, 2015 between the Oregon Ducks and the Ohio State Buckeyes. Forgive the background noise and the unusual recording. We thought it would be cool to record during the game since both Scott Epic and Izzy Rock are big Ohio State Buckeyes fans.

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Tino- the OHIOAN

OTB Ep 58 The Worst Year End Review

Scott Epic and Izzy Rock reflect on the previous year and invite you into the conversation. Happy 2015 ya’ll
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Good English- Drive