OTB Ep 44 Moving Forward and Dropping Knowledge

I’m not sure what Scott and I talked about in this episode, but I’m sure it was philisophical. Scott is a bad ass dude. You should check out his podcast, 1 minute 2 fit  as well as my podcast Tales from The Hardside and we recently hosted some live podcasts on the Gem City Podcast.

Scott is now a personal trainer in the Dayton, Ohio area, go check out Epic Fitness

izzy@gemcitypodcast.com if you have a band in the Dayton area you want people to hear.

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Dip Spit- Hulk Hogan Sex Tape

OTB Ep 43 Deep Thoughts from Ohio

Scott and Izzy are back for episode 43. Please join us as we solve the problems of the world, not really. We just like to bullshit.

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Rise Against- Survivors Guilt and Survive