On The Block Ep. 004 with @TheScottEpic and @TheIzzyRock

Ep. 004 of On The Block finds Izzy & Scott chatting about Joe Rogan, Sam Tripoli & the Redban show as well as the pre-party.  We talk about speeding camera’s, give a ton of shout-outs, talk about why it’s important to remain positive  and how to do it.

Neil deGrasse Tyson at the Nutter Center, Duncan Trussell Famil Hour, Birthday, Wreck it Ralph and end with a song by John Butler Trio called “God Will Fuck You Up”.

On The Block Ep. 003 @JTZapata aka Organized Khaos

In Ep. 3 of On The Block Scott & Izzy are joined by @JTZapata aka Organized Khaos.

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On The Block Ep. 002 @ThatReportKid @TheIzzyRock @TheScottEpic

In Episode 2, Scott Epic & Izzy Rock bring Cassius Morris aka @ThatReporterKid On The Block to discuss many different topics, but especially music.

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On The Block Ep. 001 The Beginning

Here we are.  Radio DJ @TheScottEpic and Tales from the Hardside podcrafter @TheIzzyRock bring you the first episode of On The Block.

From the time they met through MySpace till today, Izzy & Scott live one block from each other in their suburban Dayton neighborhood.

On The Block will cover all kinds of different topics.